Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Notes After One Week of Low-Carbing

  • Down 8 lbs, 6 on day four and 2 on day five.
  • I've averaged 3466 calories eaten and 3666 burned. Following the fat = calories in - calories out hypothesis, I should have lost half a pound. But I lost 8. It doesn't feel like water weight, either. Ordinarily, averaging 3500 or so calories for a week would be pretty good for me, if I was trying to limit my calories. Much lower and I'd really have to work at it. This, in contrast, was effortless.
  • I averaged 69 g of carbs (44 g "net" carbs), 229 g fat, 234 g protein, and 31 g alcohol. Put another way, carbs were 5% of my total calories, fat 61%, protein 28%, and alcohol 7%.
  • I played in my Tuesday night basketball game on Day 1 and Day 8 (tonight) and the difference in what I could do and how I felt is extraordinary. For the last few months, I've been struggling up and down the court and couldn't do anything on offense except pass and shoot. Tonight, I drove the lane a few times and wasn't dying for a break after each game.
  • My mood and energy have been on average noticeably better than normal. I didn't experience any "induction flu."
  • Hunger rare and not panicky. The meals are all very satisfying, the snacks enough to tide me over.
  • Alcohol came from a few glasses of scotch on a couple evenings (what a diet!) and a lite beer or two here and there.
  • Sleep not as deep or uninterrupted as usual, but I feel much better than normal in the mornings regardless. Did have two nightmares which caused me to shout and disturb the gf, although they wouldn't have particularly bothered me if they hadn't bothered her. I've experienced such nightmares in the past when not eating carbs before bed.
  • Typical breakfast: 3 eggs w/ 2 oz cheddar, or an Atkins shake if not that hungry. ("Not that hungry!") Got omelets from two restaurants, one with a big side of bacon. Hold the home fries.
  • Lunch: Big salad with full-fat, naturally low-carb dressing, cheese and tuna/chicken salad; or meatballs from the freezer case.
  • Afternoon snack: Almonds and/or cashews or Atkins shake and 1/2 cucumber. Twice snuck nuts into movie as snack since theaters have zero low-carb foods as far as I can tell.
  • Dinner: Meatballs from the freezer case or restaurant meal I estimate as low carb. Restaurant meals included chicken with cashews or peanuts (twice) and a rib-eye steak with asparagus and broccoli (once.) I threw out my satay chicken appetizer once when it tasted suspiciously sweet and I found myself devouring rather than eating it. Looked it up online, it has significant amounts of sugar.
  • PM snack 1: Nuts or Atkins shake.
  • PM snack 2: Eggs 'n cheddar. Twice with real sausage links.
  • Midnight snack if I wake up hungry: 3 slices of mozzarella.
  • I drank probably 1.5 liters of diet coke per day (normal for me) and sometimes had black coffee (which is the way I like it.) Didn't drink a whole lot of water.

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