Saturday, October 01, 2005

Planning and Weightloss

Whether or not I plan ahead of time what and when I'm going to eat while allowing enough flexibility to keep myself from rebelling is the single most important variable in my weight-loss success. I get off track the most in the following situations: vacations and other breaks from normal life, weekends, restaurants, parties, and when the foods I'd planned on eating are unavailable.

In the future, I will have contingency plans for certain predictable situations and I will focus on creating plans on-the-fly for unexpected ones. I will also redouble my efforts to create a general plan each morning of what I'm going to eat that day.

Another benefit of planning is that it allows me to eat a greater variety of food. If I haven't planned on going out, the idea makes me nervous because I know I'll likely eat too much, but if I go out with a plan, I can enjoy myself without worry. I can also prepare new meals for myself after a little planning.